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“I have come to feel my purpose with my art is to reflect the world around me for others to enjoy and be touched by. Celebrating the beauty and spirit of life...as expressed in my ” Northern Spirit Collection” paintings which features native trees, salmon of my beloved Northwest. My Humming Bird Blossom collection symbolizing “Joy” and “Hope”, both on canvas and in life! my Universal Love Spirit Guides and my "Neon Collection” a continuing ongoing passion of finding and painting iconic signs “I delight in preserving the unique essence of vintage signs through my collage paintings. This series is my joy. It has allowed me to incorporate in my paintings, skies that can never truly be captured on camera, adding my own vision of the landmark signs." Preserving our history thru art…… Marla Schroeder


Marla was born and raised in the northwest, lives now in Portland, Oregon. Marla has done commissioned painting for private clientes, commercial facilities; televison, Oregon Zoo, and Opera & Ballet Company.  In Los Angeles she worked in film, video, and television. This included work in the art departments, scenic set painting, art directing, set decorating, and props.